Let's Go Global 


Calling eCommerce sellers in Malaysia! 

Janio is joining forces with MDEC to accelerate your business growth, covering from consultation, onboarding to marketplaces and enablers, to managing international logistics. 

This is a not-to-miss opportunity for all businesses to expand globally with ease! 

Sign up for the programme to enjoy the following perks: 


Free account creation to kickstart enjoying Janio's end-to-end logistics solution
Skip all the hassles and heavy paper work in conventional logistics solutions! 
With Janio's one-stop solution, you can create an account today and start shipping tomorrow. Selling global is as simple as selling local! 
Fill out the form and our account managers will assist you to grow internationally. 


Boost your sales with exclusive discount on international shipments throughout peak shopping season
Don't want to miss the opportunity to capture the shopping season sales this Q4? Sign up with us today!
To support business owners under the programme, Janio is offering exclusive discount to sellers from 10% upwards on top of our competitive rates until the end of the year. 

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Seamless onboarding and support from Janio's marketplace and marketing partners
Not only do we offer logistics solutions, Janio connects you with our partners to make sure you are in good place to grow, including key marketplaces and enablers, such as Blibli.com, Bukalapak, JD.ID, Zilingo, and more
Sign up and speak to our account managers who will ensure you have a smooth onboarding to start selling into Southeast Asia's top booming markets!