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International Deliveries

ship internationally like a local

Our algorithm analyses and combines our most affordable and efficient shipping partners to give Bukaglobal's merchants the best coverage at the best rates possible.


Flexible and Modular

We understand the needs of Bukaglobals' merchants so they always get what's right for them, whether they need just one of our services or all of them.


Your Shipments, Our Highest Priority

No matter what happens, Janio gives our clients' parcels the highest priority so they get to your customers' doorsteps on time and on track.

Real Time Track and Trace

Total Visibility

We give BukaGlobal and their customers peace of mind as they'll never lose track of their deliveries with our regular tracking updates.

"Janio has the most complete end-to-end cross-border logistics solution, starting from pick up at the merchant's doorstep to last mile delivery in the destination country."

- Hou Shyan Sam, Cross-border Partnership Manager


Reach More Customers by Doing Less

We work with dozens of trusted local partners to ensure that your parcels always get there on time. Through our cash on delivery services, Bukaglobal's merchants can now reach out to the majority of Southeast Asia's consumers.

With Janio, we help you leave no shopper behind.

Last Mile2


Gain More Customers in Southeast Asia

Tap into the other 70% of Southeast Asia's Population.

Unlock the potential of Southeast Asia's market with Janio's cash on delivery today!

Highest Service Quality Guarantee

Our localised and curated delivery network ensures highest delivery performance.

We study our data to enhance the service level of your next shipment with us!


Our growing shipping network ensures that we'll always be able to keep up with your growing volumes and shipping needs.



International Expansion2


Stay Competitive

Express service at postal rates!

Doesn't matter if you're big or small. Give your customers express service satisfaction without breaking the bank!

Competitive Rates!

With discounts at key dates this year end, ensure you're getting the best rates when you need
it most.

Case Study (BKLPK x Janio) cover


  • Janio enables Bukaglobal to bring Indonesian SMEs to the global stage

  • To aid Bukalapak's first-time market entry, Janio helped build strategic partnerships in key markets and also aided in merchant acquisition.

  • Via Janio's tech integration with Bukaglobal's app, merchants now have a simple, all-in-one place to easily manager their international Bukaglobal deliveries.

  • Download our Bukaglobal Case Study to find out more!