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Keeping Clearance

Fast and Easy

With Janio, Australian Gallery says goodbye to shipment clearance issues. Our transparent rates prevents costly surprises while our clearance guarantees keeps their customers' shipments on time and on track.

Janio makes your shipments' journeys reliably smooth and customers smiling.


Take out the tedious when preparing documentation

Janio automatically generates compliant documentation from your order data saving you time and effort!

Transparent Pricing

Never be Overcharged

With Janio's transparent rates, never get caught by unexpectedly high rates again!

48hrs clearance

48 hours clearance guarantee*

Your parcels will always clear with us!

* Terms and conditions apply

"Previously it would take quite a few days for parcels to clear. 

Janio helps us to take care of those problems and get the parcels to our consumers really quickly."

- Michael Tjendara, Director
Australian Gallery

International DELIVERIEs

Ship internationally like a local

Our algorithm analyses and calculates the most affordable and efficient way through our network to give Australian Gallery the best coverage at the best rates possible.

International Expansion2


Your Shipments, Our Highest Priority

No matter what happens, Janio gives our clients' parcels the highest priority so they get to your customers' doorsteps on time and track.

Flexible and Modular

For Australian Gallery, we tailored our shipment clearance and last mile solutions just as they needed.

We'll understand your business needs so you always get what's right for you, whether you need just one of our services or all of them.

Total Visibility

We give Australian Gallery and their customers peace of mind as they'll never lose track of their deliveries with our regular tracking updates.

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Reach More Customers by Doing Less

Our trusted shipping network ensures that Australian Gallery's health and beauty products always get there on time, while our cash on delivery services also allows them to offer one of Southeast Asia's most preferred payment methods.

With Janio, we help you leave no shopper behind.

Last Mile2
Gain More Customers in Southeast Asia

Tap into the other 70% of Southeast Asia's Population.

Unlock the potential of Southeast Asia's market with Janio's cash on delivery today!

Highest Service Quality Guarantee

Our localised and curated delivery network ensures highest delivery performance.

We study our data to enhance the service level of your next shipment with us!


Our growing shipping network ensures that we'll always be able to keep up with your growing volumes and shipping needs.



  • Australian Gallery needed a fast and reliable and trackable way to get Aussie health and beauty products into Indonesia.

  • With Janio, they found the middle ground between post's cost and express services' delivery quality to get their products smoothly into Indonesia.

  • Find out how Janio's shipment clearance services provides Australian Gallery's customers with a great delivery experience!